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Composites and Science are also very closely related, primarily due to major advancements in Research and Development.

Büfa can help you to push the limits of composite part performance and component manufacturing. Taking an integral approach to new product development, we use our full expertise in material science, testing and certification, and composite component manufacturing in order to shape new composites applications.

Inhouse research and development In Germany (Rastede). We develop our products close with customer for future.We have Inhouse test center according to following standards. This is just few examples besides of many others what we can do

  • ISO 5660 (Cone Calorimeter)
  • DIN 5510
  • LOI (Limited Oxygen Index)
  • UIC 564

In cooperation with our partners here is info for more options;

Fiber and Fabric Analysis

  • Gap and fiber angle measurements
  • Fiber pocket measurements
  • Knitting measurements
  • Filament diameter measurements

Process Tests

  • RTM and infusion trials / flow / hot press tests
  • Classical and several other flow tests

Material Tests

  • Hardness analysis of composites:Barcol
  • Fiber Fraction Tests: fiber and resin content analysis of composites and burn out (high temperature furnace) and acid digestion

Mechanical Tests

  • Tensile tests of fiber reinforced composites
  • Compression tests of fiber reinforced composites: according to ISO and ASTM standards
  • Bending tests of fiber reinforced composites
  • Shear tests of sandwich laminates

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