Mould Making Systems

In great shape. For the production of high-quality moulds only materials with the best properties will be used. Thanks to innovative product developments, the Büfa VE Tooling Gelcoats meet the criteria of a reliable mould construction system.

BÜFA® – Tooling-Systems

In the GRP industry, only materials with the best product properties are used to produce moulds of the highest quality. Extreme resistance to styrene and temperature, high mechanical loading capacity, good gloss over the long-term as well as dimensional accuracy are important decision criteria when selecting a reliable tooling system. Thanks to new developments in materials, our new BÜFA®VE-Tooling – Gelcoats fulfill these decisive criteria. By combining them with the low-styrene, fast curing and practically shrink-free Tooling-Resin, moulds that are technically of the highest quality, can be produced in just one day instead of a week.

The new BÜFA®-Conductive-Tooling-System

Conductive tool surface with 106 Ω resistance combined with the familiar properties of a Tooling Gelcoat
More attractive, high-gloss surfaces with less waviness, less cleaning effort, faster cycle times, lower scrap, longer tool life and, on top of that, new degrees of freedom in mould production: These are just some of the advantages of the new tooling systems from BÜFA. The focus of the innovation is a gelcoat made electrically conductive thanks to carbon nanotubes, which minimizes dust adhesion, drastically reduces demoulding problems and at the same time protects people and material from electric shocks. In combination with the other two components of the package, it significantly increases the cost-effectiveness of polyester resin processing.

  • Faster cycle times and improved tool quality
  • less dust on tool surfaces, hence better tool quality
  • shorter recoating times since cleaning steps are shortened
  • lower demoulding forces required and thus easier demoulding and longer service life
  • consistent resistance values even after coating with release agent
  • consistent resistance values after sanding and polishing
  • very good gloss values after sanding and polishing
  • habitual properties of a Tooling Gelcoat
  • electrical conductivity (TÜV certified)
  • safety advantages (use in EX zones 2, 1 and 0)
  • improved tool quality
  • faster cycle times due to shortened cleaning steps
  • increased service life for the tools
  • new opportunities for innovative processing methods
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