Tanks & Pipes


We offer an extensive range of special products for the tank and pipe branch that meet requirements to withstand long-terms stress.

The fibre reinforced plastics materials used in tank construction (e.g. for chemical plants/agriculture/pipeline construction) are often subjected to permanent heavy loads.

When choosing resins for corrosion resistant application, it is important to select products that give the right performance and are fit for the job in question.

For many years composites based on Atlac© resins have been the material of choice for manufacturing components that are used in industrial processes and chemical plants. The Atlac© resins from Aliancys have a track record of providing durability and continued strength in these though environments.Water, acids, lyes, changing temperatures and direct contact with oxidising and diffusion capable mediums place the highest requirements on the quality of the materials used.

BÜFA Composite Systems has an extensive range of special products for this industry (e.g. ready-to-use gelcoats/topcoats on a VE, bisphenol A or ISO/NPG base).


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