Fire Retardant Systems


BÜFA®-Firestop protects itself. This extraordinary effect is achieved by

1. Carbonization

When exposed to heat, the integrated flame retardant converts to phosphoric acid. This causes the surface to carbonize which in turn acts as a protective layer.

2. Elimination of water

At temperatures above 200 °C, aluminum hydroxide is split into aluminum oxide and water. The water cools the source of fire and thins the resulting fumes. Aluminum oxide forms a ceramic protective layer.

3. Intumescence

Higher temperatures cause the surface of the component to swell. During the swelling process, the surface sets a carbon based protective foam free.

The products in the BÜFA®-Firestop line can make optimum use of their qualities, either individually or combined with each other, in all imaginable applications.

All of the BÜFA®-Firestop products are strictly tested according to German as well as international standards. They can be applied quickly without any problems and no special requirements are placed on the production process.

4. Effect in the gas phase

Through efficient suppression of the source of fire, starting in the gas phase, further spread of the fire is prevented. BÜFA Fire Retardant systems give GRP components the necessary protection against fire and therefore give you optimum safety. Innovative solutions for all applications!


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